Ryan Mohr is a record producer home based in the Nashville Tennessee area. Cutting his teeth as a drummer then moving to engineering and mixing, he brings unique and creative ideas to every project. He constantly pushes the envelope to the furthest it will go and then pushes a bit more. Living on the cutting edge Ryan demands excellence and never relents until the record is "perfect in it's own way". His ability to laser focus on the smallest detail while seeing the big picture gives every song the feel and cohesion it requires.  


"Songs don't have to be "over produced" to be perfect. -says Ryan, "Often what a song calls for is that raw, untamed, almost pushing out of tune feel you can only get when you uncover the same emotional state in the artist that birthed the song in the beginning."


Learning from some of the most pioneering producers in the industry Ryan started a recording studio where he catches the sound deep down in the artist's bones produces it into a reality.


Ryan believes everyone has something to share. He catches the vision of the artist and brings to life a sound they would have otherwise never heard. He loves working with artist's raw potential and bringing out the gold within them. He believes every artist can be excellent regardless of where they are now. Ryan has the ability to turn something good onto something great.

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